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We Are a Washington DC Based Real Estate Investment Company

Our Mission

We are a local real estate investment and development company with a focus on improving the esthetics of Washington DC neighborhoods.  We acquire and then update, modernize, or redevelop residential properties that are distressed, vacant or in need of major repairs.

We also target properties that may look fine in general, but that have not undergone any major updating or remodeling in decades.

As you probably know, most homes in Washington DC neighborhoods were built in the 1940s and 1950s, and some even prior to that period.  Therefore, in terms of interior design and layouts they are mostly outdated.  Not to mention the fact that many of these homes still have lead issues due to water pipes and paints commonly used at the time. 

In short, we acquire and redevelop residential properties that are in disrepair, vacant and blight in various DC neighborhoods, as well as properties that may look fine on the outside, but that need to be modernized.

We work in close partnership with a network of financial partners and other local real estate investors and developers that share our mission.

Our Social Purpose

We will contribute each year a portion of our profits to help homeless people in Washington, DC.  Particularly, those that are elderly.  For now, we will donate to existing organizations that assist them and, in future, we will sponsor our own non profit charitable organization for the same purpose. 

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