We Buy Houses in Washington DC

We Buy Houses in Washington DC, As Is, In Cash.

We buy houses in all neighborhoods of Washington DC that are distressed, vacant, or that need major repairs.

We also buy houses that may look fine on the outside, but that have not been updated or remodeled in decades or since they were built.  They usually have outdated flooring plans and many of them may still have lead issues.

We buy for cash (no banks involved) and we can close within days, or weeks, or whenever all parties agree, through a local reputable Title company.

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Get Cash for Your House

Our Criteria and Process

Here are the criteria and process we use to select and acquire properties:

Types of Properties

The types of properties we are looking to purchase are homes in all Washington DC neighborhoods that need major repair, homes that are vacant and homes that have specific issues such as mold, structural issues, fire damages, etc.

We are also interested in acquiring older homes that may look fine on the outside, but that need to be updated, modernized, or redesigned to be bring them to par with the living standards of modern families.

Types of Sellers

We will deal with any homeowner or a home seller who has a house to sell that meet our criteria as described above.

We also focus our efforts in purchasing houses from the following types of sellers:

  • People who have inherited homes that they need to sell fast.
  • People who own vacant rental homes or other rental properties they no longer want or need.
  • People facing unexpected life situations (divorce, relocation, major medical bill, etc.)
  • Families with an elderly member who need to move a retirement place.
  • People who face financial difficulties and have back taxes or liens on their homes.
  • People facing foreclosure that need to sell house fast.
  • Anyone who wants to sell their property quickly and discreetly without any fanfare.

Our Simple Process

  • You complete and send us your information and details about your property.
  • We make you a fair cash offer.  
  • We agree on terms and sign a contract.
  • We finalize and execute the transaction through a local reputable Title company.
  • You get paid. 

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